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Offline Version now available

Day: 03/05/2016
Hour: 07:59 pm

One more feature to make this website better, this time you can notice the change, look at the bottom of the page.

Edit: this feature does not exists anymore

Another day, another change that will not change your life but will make my life easier

Day: 24/04/2016
Hour: 12:45 am

Another big change that you can't see, this time, is a image uploader, now I can also upload images for this site from my browser.

Now that i can do that, i'll upload random images on this page, click for more


This is a little step for this site, that will not help the humanity, but will help ME

Day: 24/04/2016
Hour: 12:45 am

If you accessed this site yesterday, you haven't noticed the change.

This probably have little meaning, we can not ensure what we think

Day: 18/04/2016
Hour: 12:34 am

Open any newspaper that brings international news, and you will se something very rare.

Each atom worths

Day: 15/03/2016
Hour: 04:27 pm

The leak of one atom may lead to disaster, so every atom have it`s importance ...

Welcome to this site

Day: 13/03/2016
Hour: 01:50 pm
Welcome to this website, this is the firs post I am writing, this firs post don't have nothing to add on your life, but i hope you enjoy it.

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