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OK, I am quitting this crazy adventure ...

Published 05/03/2018 at 11:41 am

The main idea of the creation of this website was to make a website that looks the same on IE 6 and your brand new browser, using features that are available only on your brand new browser, and then polyfilling then.

Now, I've realized that this shit does not make sense, i mean, first, polyfills for older browsers makes your CPU wishes that you die and go straigt to the hottest whole of the HELL, and second, if it is to imitate the newer features with javascript, why does these features need to exist after all ?

I am not quitting the creation of an website compatible with any browser, i am quitting the creation of an website that looks the same on any browser, if you want to access this website riding a dinosaur, you only have to acces, yes, adding "old" to the url makes this site use a legacy theme compatible with any browser (including IE5 and Links) but still a beautifull website (Unless you are using a really obscure web browser that shits on CSS)

And, as always, this website still uses pjax to make your navigation very fast, and now, it is hosted at NearlyFreeSpeach, and with a better and unique theme, I hope you enjoy ...

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