Today is not a preview of tomorrow, today is today !!!

Wellcome to the internet world

This is my place, my land, my home, my little crazy world.

This is my website, a place on internet where I post what I want to post, since english is not my native language, some pages on this website is not in english, this is MY site and I post in whatever language I WANT.

I,ve create this site for ME, but it may be usefull for others.

So, the reason I've created this site is to have a place to post something, well, I could use any ready thing like wordpress or any other similar, but i've created this from scratch on notepad++, the reason I created it from scratch is to have something really mine. I am not a web designer or even a professional programmer, (and I will not tell much about me, you don't need to know it), but I do what I can do, and what I can do is this php script.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as possible, and please, if you find a bug please repost on the apropriate page.

The universal website, the challenge

You may be wondering the reason i created this site, well, there is no moderation team to sensor this site, and I can post anything I want (I promisse that this site will always be worksafe), and i have no rules to follow like i wold have on other famous sharing sites (No free adversting here :-) ). and some content i want to share require adtional javascript that is tecnically impossible to sharing sites to provide without risks.

The other reason is because i want to make a web site that can be viewed in any browser, but without leaving behind the new features of HTML5, you may ask-me how is it possible, there are basically 2 main elements that make it possible:

1. I can't test this site on every browser of this world, so this site have some links on footer where the user can disable problematic features, like polyfills for IE6-10 (if the computer is too slow to do the extra operations), the checkbox hack of the mobile version, ajax, or even access a plain html without css or any other things with very primitive browsers or text mode browsers (Links, Openwave ...), if the user don't have cookies, the session id will be on the url, ect...

2. You can't access everything with old browsers, This is because I will include some html/javascript apps on this site, so, if the tecnology needed to make the app is not available on older browsers, nothing can be done, but the basic text-only pages will always be acessible on any browser, with improvements (like pjax and responsive design) on modern ones.


Not anymore, this site now have two versions, one with better resources and another which is compatible with any browser, to access the version compatible with any browser, access

foot note:

After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.