Today is not a preview of tomorrow, today is today !!!

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I am not a composer, I am who I am (I am not God ...)

Sometimes, when you don't have nothing better to do, you play arround with something to to pass the time, this page is a result of that moments ...

On this page you can listen what I've done

And give your opinion
And one more line, just to use the h6 tag ...

All the videos are available, but some videos fail to load the preview image, just click play and listen

[IA TypeC]Changed Mind[Original]
【Meiko V3 Power Trial】Koroseishon【Original】
【Kasane Teto】Is Not The Best Way【Original】
[Satou Sasara]Trapped In a GlassCage[Original]
Himitsu no houkago[COVER] [Several Synthesizers]
[Namine Ritsu]WArVE[Original]
【MAIKA Original Contest】 Desesperacion
[GUMI English Trial] I'm Comming [Original]
[Vora] Ai kotoba [Cover]
[VIBE & Momo Momone]Goodbye Forev... Tomorrow [Original]
[Galaco]Hard Flight[Original]
[UTAU Cover] Wavefile [究極音ホドリゲス (Kyuukyokune rodrigues)]
[UTAU Cover] Last night, Good night [ 究極音ホドリゲス (Kyuukyokune rodrigues)]

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